Nights Out

  • 16 July 2007

    Pickering & Tadcaster

    I went on holiday this weekend to Pickering with my parents and Geoff and Gwen. Okay, it’s not that far away — one might argue that it’s not a holiday if the Coastliner goes past the camp site — but we had a really great time, despite the rain on Friday!

  • 8 July 2007

    Back in Scholes

    Well, that’s it. I’m back for good. It feels very strange to think I won’t be going back to Durham again! That’s not entirely true; I’ll be back for the start of next term to sort out the changeover of the HBMC, and then there’ll be Claire and my graduation in January, but it won’t be the same!

  • 10 June 2007

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…

  • 8 June 2007


    Best couple of days ever…

  • 3 June 2007

    End of Exams

    So much stuff going on!

  • 21 May 2007

    Hannah and JC’s Visit

    This weekend, Hannah and JC have been up to Durham — JC to disturb his brother’s revision, and Hannah to return a book to our library. We met up in the Swan & 3 (where else) on Friday, JC having made it down this time; last time having not gone so well!

  • 12 May 2007

    Spider-Man 3

    We went to see Spider-Man 3 for Jay’s birthday today. I’ve seen the second, and really enjoyed it. This one, I must admit, was no different — despite warnings from critics and friends alike that “there’s too much going on.”

  • 6 May 2007

    College Day

    Always a great day, and this one was no exception!

  • 24 April 2007

    Back in Durham 2

    It’s good to be back up here. When I got back we went for a drink at Wetherspoons, where Reg showed off his new back piercings — and Lara managed to slap them as she left! Then Monday night: the first day of term, Collingwood’s fund raiser at Walkabout, and St George’s Day — so many reasons to have a few (many) drinks! And tonight, some live metal/harcore music at Bar19, thanks to Helen and Chris! All in all, a great few days.

  • 16 April 2007

    Tex & Junior Tex’s Party

    The weather was just right for the party (mainly for Rob’s 18th, but not far from Tex’s 21st). A couple of 9-gallon kegs from Wold Top Brewery and a hi-fi up on the banking topped off the afternoon! A game of killer table-tennis gave me my (apparently) inevitable injury as some of the garage clutter collapsed while running round…

  • 31 March 2007

    Jess’s Party

    Last night was Jess’s 21st night out. She’s not 21 until Monday, but that doesn’t matter!

  • 7 March 2007

    Clubs & Socs Formal & Summerhill

    The Clubs & Socs formal at Hild Bede is always a great event, with much celebration of attending the best college at Durham (true fact — ask Andy), and this year’s was no exception! Our table had by far the best balloon, a fact proven by a jealous girl with a knife in the bar afterwards…

  • 9 February 2007

    Reg’s Birthday

    Last night (well, Wednesday night, it’s 2am) was Reg’s birthday night out. We started up at Butler — without Reg, I might add — before moving along the hill and then down to Varsity for a bit of drinking and table dancing (Ste, Jon) and finally Love Shack. A select few had gone to the effort of making tank tops (beaters, if you will) with some excellent pictures of Reg and themselves… see the pictures for examples!

  • 4 February 2007

    New Wii & JC’s Antics

    Andy got a Wii the other day. A complete impulse buy — but a good one, I might add! It came with Wii Sports, a game that demonstrates the revolutionary controller known as the Wii remote:

  • 20 January 2007

    Durham & Planet of Sound

    Andy and Jay finished their Engineering project yesterday. And Lara got her Physics project in. And I did half her Physics project. So we were all out to celebrate!

  • 11 December 2006

    Full College Bar Crawl

    Heavy night…

  • 26 November 2006

    Casino Royale & Planet of Sound

    A very different Bond…

  • 10 November 2006

    Less Than Jake + Dropkick Murphys + The Living End + Billy No Mates


  • 20 October 2006

    Boarding Tryouts

    This evening was spent at the artificial ski slope at Silkworth Sports Complex in Sunderland. It was supposed to be tryouts for the DUSSC, but didn’t seem that organised: Upon arrival I purchased a membership card (for £5) that meant I got a discount — except that it only applied to skiers. Thankfully the staff also thought I was a skier and charged me the cheaper skiers’ price for entry! Reg managed to pay for both the membership card, only to then be told that he didn’t need it, but was going to have to pay full boarding price…

  • 19 October 2006

    Spanky’s 20th

    What a night!

  • 13 October 2006

    The Automatic + Mumm-Ra + Alterkicks

    Last night we went over to Newcastle University Union to see The Automatic, supported by Mumm-Ra and Alterkicks. Liverpool-based band Alterkicks played an indie-ish (but not retro, oh no not retro) set to begin with, followed by Sussex boys Mumm-Ra and their eclectic pop/alternative rock mix. Having missed them at Leeds this year (due to sleeping in) I was glad to see them!

  • 12 October 2006

    First Climbing Session

    Yesterday we took the new HBMC members to Sunderland Wall. It was a big turn-out, requiring four cars in total — our biggest turn-out yet, I think!

  • 5 October 2006

    Love Shack

    That’s where it’s at…

  • 3 October 2006

    Waiting to Exist

    So after my induction meeting yesterday, I decided to go and get my registration form from the department, and sort out tuition fees and the like. At least, that was the plan…

  • 5 September 2006

    Birthday Night Out

    What a night…

  • 1 September 2006

    Amy’s Party

    So, Brown’s is a posh place, eh?

  • 12 August 2006

    Pub Quiz & Biking

    Last night we had a go at the quiz down at the Barleycorn in Scholes. I remember the days when we used to be glad to scrape half the score of the winners — this time a fairly impressive 28 put us considerably closer to the winning 35 (remember this is a pub where our group at least halved the average age). Not long now, soon we’ll be regular winners…

  • 8 August 2006

    Tad Run & Climbing

    Yesterday saw the legendary Tad Run being completed in excellent style by a number of us. We started at the Falcon for a bit of lunch (the usual Brit doesn’t do food on a Monday), and working an interesting route around to finish at the Angel in plenty of time. All in all, a very respectable Run, with minor closing hiccups being dealt with promptly!