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This weekend, Hannah and JC have been up to Durham — JC to disturb his brother’s revision, and Hannah to return a book to our library. We met up in the Swan & 3 (where else) on Friday, JC having made it down this time; last time having not gone so well!

We headed from there to Jimmy Allen’s, where Andy almost managed to trick me out of a tenner on a drinking bet… thankfully he didn’t specify the rules well enough and I avoided the loss! After JA’s we went to Lloyds, where I apparently bought JC a “bad pint…” That’s his excuse, at least!

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The plan for the next day? JC spent hours of Friday night repeating Saturday’s plan to Hannah, and then he forgot! We watched the rather disappointing FA Cup Final, although it was good to see a packed new Wembley Stadium (89,826 to be exact, less than 200 vacant seats)! In the evening we planned to go to Shaheen’s, our usual haunt, but even after booking it was so busy that we decided to try out a Chinese restaurant we’d never even seen before (New Kwai Lam) — it was very nice!

Some good food and a few Tsingtaos later and we headed to Wetherspoons to finish off a top weekend!

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