New Wii & JC’s Antics

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Nights Out, Play

Andy got a Wii the other day. A complete impulse buy — but a good one, I might add! It came with Wii Sports, a game that demonstrates the revolutionary controller known as the Wii remote:

Wii remote

Unfortunately the console only came with one controller, so Andy went and bought another, complete with counterpart Wii Play. Both games actually feature several mini-games, each of which are low in graphics but high in playability. Wii Play has a few good games, but some can get a bit repetitive. The games on Wii Sports, however, are so addictive that for the last few nights they’ve had me up until the early hours trying to gain training medals or improve my high scores! It does tire your arm out, though…

JC was here earlier this week. I was supposed to meet up with him on Monday, but on his way down to the pub (the Swan and 3, where else would we meet) he and Dave managed to get started on. He went to casualty that evening but seemed OK the next day, with the exception of a slightly inflamed cheek and a lisp! He’s been travelling around the world, and comes back to this within a week… Oh well, welcome home JC.

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