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After my induction meeting yesterday, I decided to go and get my registration form from the department, and sort out tuition fees and the like. At least, that was the plan…

I didn’t have a form. Apparently this is not surprising, and SPA (the centre that handles our registration process) don’t seem to be very good at their job. Richard seems to be in a similar situation, finding out first-hand about the general incompetence of the graduate school. Still, hopefully the department are on top of it! Looks like I’ll have to wait around for a bit. I’m off to see my office tomorrow!

After yesterday’s musings on Walkabout, I didn’t go for very long, and In fact was the only one of our lot to go, at about 1am. Since Walkabout was going to be full of Collingwood freshers, we planned to spend some time with the Hild Bede lot, who were heading to Rixies/DH1/The Loft. Now, I know that Klute is famous for its walls dripping with sweat (and I have incidentally just found the Urban Dictionary entry for it), but last night Rixies smelled particularly badly of stale beer and sweat — how lovely!

Walkabout was a refreshing change, and I got to catch up with Caroline and Reg. Caroline, remind me why you weren’t drinking?

To top it all off, Reg broke his watch by hitting me with it, and then decided to blame me. Nice one!

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  1. Richard Stenton

    Fix my watch you bastard

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