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Tonight we tried out the new club in Durham, Love Shack. They advertise cheap drinks and good music — of course, any club that didn’t advertise those things would struggle from the off! We thought we should check it out.

The drinks were indeed cheap, coming in at only £2 for pretty much anything. On Monday nights they aim to have all drinks for £2 or less — worth considering! And as far as the music was concerned, they got it just right — I only hope that they do that each night! Rather than having a particular genre of music on a particular night, they play ten minutes of one lot, then switch tack completely — and not in a predictable, R&B-to-pop-to-rock-to-indie-to-cheese kind of way, but rather more randomly. It works! Andy didn’t seem impressed, however, with the final song — what else could it be but the B-52’s?

Being all the way over at the Walkergate complex (Gala Theatre area), it’s a little out of the way for a night out after, say, Wetherspoons, but it certainly seems to work well for the kind of night where you start off drinking at home and don’t go out until much later!

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