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Last night was Jess’s 21st night out. She’s not 21 until Monday, but that doesn’t matter!

We met in The Angel, of course, even though the night out was in Leeds. It made sense to me! I haven’t been to The Angel for a while so I needed my fix! We were only there for a quick drink before we got the bus into Leeds and went to The Hogshead, which was showing the Leeds–Preston game. It didn’t look too good as we arrived just before half time to see that Preston were a goal up!

When the rest arrived into Leeds (Olly drove the girls in — and I’m including Holmes in that), we went to a rather packed Mook before heading over to The Sports Cafe to try and get the same drink from my birthday! It was all to no avail, as we soon had to leave so we could still get in for free at Oceana. After a little hassle regarding dress code, and Laura becoming legend of the evening for arguing our case, we were in — or so we thought! Olly didn’t have any ID… bah! He and Charlotte went down the road, leaving a little later — with all of Laura’s stuff!

We stayed for a brilliant evening in Oceana, there was a lot of cheesy music but I guess we’re used to that… We ended up staying almost until the end and headed for some sustenance — Jess finding it in two burgers! It was her party, she’s allowed…

After previous luck with catching taxis outside Oceana, we went all the way down to the station to get a proper black-and-white. It took us the best part of an hour to get there!

All in all an amazing night, finished by us spending ages laughing our way through Jess’ poses in the pictures!

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  1. Jess Ward

    cheers for the ‘jess finding it in two burgers’ christopher!!! :-P x

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