Birthday Night Out

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What a night…

“Night of Mayhem” was an accurate description for the event on Facebook (mixed feelings about the changes by the way). It started off slow — in fact, I started on my own in Wetherspoons! After that it started to grow, with Jay, Tex, Joe and Reg finding me in there, followed by a trip to The Ship and The Angel, where we found Hannah and Keasey.

This was followed by a trip up to Walkabout, and some got food whilst Reg and I walked out to find Caitlin and Katie, who managed to find their own way to Walkabout!

Jenna, Joe, Holmes, Olly and Helen (having been driven in by my Dad) arrived before we headed over Carpe Diem for some unbelievably dire pool-playing on my part.

Now it becomes a bit hazy.

From Carpe Diem, we moved on to Varsity, where there don’t seem to be any pictures. Varsity was quickly followed by Oceana to finish the night. I have no idea what the drink was that people bought me, but it was fun to drink! Thanks guys!

On the way home, another taxi driver tried to mess everyone around — I think I’m seeing some kind of pattern here… Thankfully, no messing around was completed, but we did have to walk back from the other side of Scholes!

Thanks again for a wicked night!

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