Clubs & Socs Formal & Summerhill

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The Clubs & Socs formal at Hild Bede is always a great event, with much celebration of attending the best college at Durham (true fact — ask Andy), and this year’s was no exception! Our table had by far the best balloon, a fact proven by a jealous girl with a knife in the bar afterwards…

After the inevitable debate about which coin merits consumption of one’s drink, the wine pretty much disappeared before the food arrived. The awards after the food were predictably average and the Vernon beckoned, but Matt, who was standing outside, was prevented from going to the bar!

Finally, the speeches were over, and we made it for a drink… And even after such a great meal, it’s still mandatory to get a burger (Hild Bede special with bacon, of course) from Alan and Pauline!

View pictures of the evening.

And off to Summerhill the next morning! Everyone seemed fine from last night, and up for our first outdoor climb of the year (damn this unpredictable weather). We went over to Summerhill near Hartlepool — we could see the sea!

Note to self — next time, take the bouldering mat… and some more sustenance!

View the full trip information, or the photos from the trip.

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