• 16 July 2007

    Pickering & Tadcaster

    I went on holiday this weekend to Pickering with my parents and Geoff and Gwen. Okay, it’s not that far away — one might argue that it’s not a holiday if the Coastliner goes past the camp site — but we had a really great time, despite the rain on Friday!

  • 16 April 2007

    Leeds Wall

    The weather was more suited for getting out to a crag somewhere, but since we couldn’t manage that we decided to visit the Leeds Wall — and since it was such a nice day, it was quite quiet!

  • 7 March 2007

    Clubs & Socs Formal & Summerhill

    The Clubs & Socs formal at Hild Bede is always a great event, with much celebration of attending the best college at Durham (true fact — ask Andy), and this year’s was no exception! Our table had by far the best balloon, a fact proven by a jealous girl with a knife in the bar afterwards…

  • 24 November 2006


    Wednesday’s climbing was interesting, to say the least…

  • 15 November 2006


    I finally managed to make the Leap of Faith!

  • 25 October 2006

    Firefox 2.0

    I have just installed and started playing with Firefox 2.0. I’m afraid to say that the first thing I did is install the Winestripe theme, which is essentially the FF1.5 default theme — I wasn’t impressed with the 2.0 default!

  • 12 October 2006

    First Climbing Session

    Yesterday we took the new HBMC members to Sunderland Wall. It was a big turn-out, requiring four cars in total — our biggest turn-out yet, I think!

  • 8 August 2006

    Tad Run & Climbing

    Yesterday saw the legendary Tad Run being completed in excellent style by a number of us. We started at the Falcon for a bit of lunch (the usual Brit doesn’t do food on a Monday), and working an interesting route around to finish at the Angel in plenty of time. All in all, a very respectable Run, with minor closing hiccups being dealt with promptly!