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I went on holiday this weekend to Pickering with my parents and Geoff and Gwen. Okay, it’s not that far away — one might argue that it’s not a holiday if the Coastliner goes past the camp site — but we had a really great time, despite the rain on Friday!

While we were there, we went to the Dalby Forest to check out Bridestones, a small set of bouldering problems about 5 minutes’ walk from the forest drive. We didn’t even try to get Geoff on Go Ape, having failed at getting him to go on the jet boat out of Whitby harbour!

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We got back yesterday, and in the evening I went over to the Angel. A large number failed to turn up for a number of reasons; shame on you! Congratulations to Caitlin for turning up for once! We had a rather feeble go at the quiz, and after the Angel shut we went over to the Queen — the first time I’d been. Imagine a Wetherspoon’s about as large as a living room and you’d be pretty close…

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