Casino Royale & Planet of Sound

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A very different Bond…

The film was good, don’t get me wrong. It features many “in” things like parkour (indeed, it features Sebastien Foucan himself) and Texas hold ‘em, and is full of product placements for Sony — predictable, as they bought MGM — but it still sees a return to old Bond, before all the gadgetry. It’s usually the gadgetry that I enjoy so much, so I was glad that it wasn’t too antiquated… In fact, I was very much impressed with the silenced UMP9 at the end of the film! Don’t think I’ll put it on my Christmas list, though…

After the film we went to Planet of Sound at the DSU, something we haven’t done for a while! We had a couple of games of pool, featuring me losing by going in-off when potting black, and then Aimee and I dominated for a short while on table-football table!

I have to say that PoS was better than I remember it!

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