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Heavy night…

The idea was to hit every college bar, including Stockton, and despite a few closures we made it! We headed over to Stockton in the afternoon and after wandering around for a while we found the bar — closed! It made it all the funnier that Mark had needed the toilet since Durham, and we doubled back on ourselves whilst finding the place… We went to a pub called the Dubliner instead, which was showing the match on what seemed to be Arabian Sky.

We got the bus back and decided never to return to Stockton again — anyone who’s thinking of doing a full college bar crawl, just have an extra drink in Durham! It’s not worth the time and effort!

Before we got going around the college bars, there was time for food (and, of course, drink) in the DSU. Good food, but not so great at getting the orders right? Oh well, on to Hild Bede for a quick shot, then Castle and tripling up in 24’s (since both Hatfield and Chad’s were shut).

Then it was time for John’s, Cuth’s, and then on to the hill, not without the obligatory fence jumping! Glad to see I can still make it!

My recollection of the order of the hill bars is as hazy as usual, but it started with Mary’s and ended with Trev’s, and had some bars in the middle. It was rather strange to see Alan and Pauline up at the burger van outside Butler!

A return to the DSU, then, to finish off an awesome night! A couple of facts from Nick: we had 30 units comprising 2500 calories, and were 150% over the binge drinking limit!

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