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Nights Out

What a night!

I just got back from Helen’s birthday night out — I was totally prepared to make a fool of myself due to the Disney-themed evening — but I had an absolutely amazing night!

When she suggested a Disney bar crawl, I thought: “Easy: Why not?” It soon dawned on me that a Disney outfit is in fact rather difficult! While the ladies have it much easier, with their plethora of princesses (I’m not sure of the exact collective noun), guys have to wade through the predictables to choose something interesting. Those who tried less hard turned up as extras from Cool Runnings; I, on the other hand, made a distinct effort and came as Bernard! It took a bit of time and effort, but due to the response I received this evening, I could probably wear the exact same outfit (sans whiskers) to be Mario

A number of college bars were followed by the DSU, Jimmy Allens and Love Shack… Tonight was brilliant as far as I’m concerned, I just hope that Helen agrees tomorrow morning!

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  1. Helen Wood

    Aww, I most definitely agree! Apologies for anything silly that I did, but I’m actually blaming you for that! Oh, and the time and effort that you put into your costume was most certainly appreciated — you looked awesome! xx

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