College Day

6 May 2007 | 2 Minute Read | Nights Out, Pictures, Play

Always a great day, and this one was no exception!

Not wanting to start with the provided champagne breakfast, as it was a little early, we had our own — much better in my opinion! Pains au chocolat, croissants and éclairs were among the breakfast, as well as the obligatory champagne and Buck’s Fizz!

After the food, we headed to Chase for a a drink before the bar and marquee opened. Just time for a bounce on the bouncy castle though — including a joint effort that saw me somersault over the back! Wish I’d managed to film it! Once in the marquee, the buffet was huge, and had some great choices — had to go hunting for the prawns though!

No-one was drinking the red wine, so it was left to me to be “forced” into downing a number of glasses (very elegant). Then the white dried up and everyone was made to join me!

We all relaxed after lunch, mostly to let all the food go down, and then a quick play on the inflatables again before we headed into the bar for some drunken pool…

And to finish off the evening, I went up the Bailey to find a few of the old Gables crew in 24’s! A great day, and a salute to the best college!

You can also view the pictures.

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