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  • 6 May 2007

    College Day

    Always a great day, and this one was no exception!

  • 3 May 2007

    My Favourite Number

    I love the Internet. I love how countless code monkey hours are wasted trying to stop the inevitable. I love how people actually think it’s possible to remove information from the Word Wide Web.

  • 30 April 2007

    Gmail in Multiple Clients

    Gmail has always confused me that when opening POP emails from multiple clients, only those opened in that client show up. In other words, if you open up an email using client A, you can’t open it in client B — you have to view it in webmail.

  • 24 April 2007

    Back in Durham 2

    It’s good to be back up here. When I got back we went for a drink at Wetherspoons, where Reg showed off his new back piercings — and Lara managed to slap them as she left! Then Monday night: the first day of term, Collingwood’s fund raiser at Walkabout, and St George’s Day — so many reasons to have a few (many) drinks! And tonight, some live metal/harcore music at Bar19, thanks to Helen and Chris! All in all, a great few days.

  • 20 April 2007

    Blog Accepts Media Network Commenting

    This blog now allows you to comment using your Media Network profile — just select “Media Network” as the login method and enter your user name and password. Your account must be activated to make a comment.

  • 16 April 2007

    Tex & Junior Tex’s Party

    The weather was just right for the party (mainly for Rob’s 18th, but not far from Tex’s 21st). A couple of 9-gallon kegs from Wold Top Brewery and a hi-fi up on the banking topped off the afternoon! A game of killer table-tennis gave me my (apparently) inevitable injury as some of the garage clutter collapsed while running round…

  • 16 April 2007

    Leeds Wall

    The weather was more suited for getting out to a crag somewhere, but since we couldn’t manage that we decided to visit the Leeds Wall — and since it was such a nice day, it was quite quiet!

  • 1 April 2007

    Internal Anchors

    Well, it was an interesting hour that resulted in this…

  • 31 March 2007

    Jess’s Party

    Last night was Jess’s 21st night out. She’s not 21 until Monday, but that doesn’t matter!

  • 23 March 2007

    PHP Snippets

    Whilst browsing the old Invisible Shadow network, I was looking to see if any of the old stuff existed on there. One thing I remember was a section for code snippets, both Visual Basic and PHP. It seems that Logan has started it up again. I always recommend that the best way to learn to program is to read others’ code — this kind of website helps with that.