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  • 2 October 2006

    Back in Durham

    I got back to Durham yesterday afternoon. I haven’t unpacked anything, except my computer — important things first!

  • 21 September 2006

    Dell Laptops Suck

    I hate Dell PCs. I just uninstalled the Paint Shop Pro trial from our laptop, and installed a working, full version. Having done that, the “Sonic Update Manager” decided that it was going to take over our machine, and pop up whenever we started the computer. It turns out that this lovely bit of software is part of the Dell package, and should any unsuspecting (yet sensible) person uninstall part of their software package, they are forced to deal with this tribulation. Five minutes was far too long for me to remove this software.

  • 18 September 2006


    Damn server down-time. Here’s the reason:

  • 6 September 2006

    Mosaic Images

    Whilst browsing the Facebook Developers’ Directory, I happened upon a product called Photomosaic (thankfully not guilty of CamelCase). The product offered to create a mosaic of a profile picture using friends’ profile pictures. Being rather frustrated to find that it didn’t work, I set out to find a program to do it for me, and found AndreaMosaic (who are guilty of CamelCase).

  • 5 September 2006

    Birthday Night Out

    What a night…

  • 1 September 2006

    Amy’s Party

    So, Brown’s is a posh place, eh?

  • 29 August 2006

    My Personal Festival

    I think I’ve now managed to work out whom I saw at the festival now:

  • 28 August 2006

    Lake District & Leeds Festival

    I got back from Leeds Festival last night. I would have made a separate post about the Lake District trip, but I pretty much went straight to the festival after that!

  • 15 August 2006

    Getting Paid to Blog

    I’m writing this from Hayes labelling machine. I have nothing better to do…

  • 12 August 2006

    Pub Quiz & Biking

    Last night we had a go at the quiz down at the Barleycorn in Scholes. I remember the days when we used to be glad to scrape half the score of the winners — this time a fairly impressive 28 put us considerably closer to the winning 35 (remember this is a pub where our group at least halved the average age). Not long now, soon we’ll be regular winners…