I Can Has Cheezburger?

13 June 2007 | 2 Minute Read | Play

Lolcat has taken over my life. I spend far too long looking through pictures of amusing cats superimposed with intentionally grammatically incorrect captions.

But I love it.

Some of my favourites:

I'll fix it Can I plz has dis shiny device I has a money [![](/files/2007/06/4-100x100.jpg)](/files/2007/06/4.jpg) [![In ur quantum box... maybe](/files/2007/06/5-100x100.jpg "In ur quantum box... maybe")](/files/2007/06/5.jpg)

For more pictures, check httips://icanhas.cheezburger.com/ or http://www.lolcats.com, or perhaps you might want to check out http://lolcode.org, a programming language based on those exact macros. It’s arguably as good as some of the esoteric programming languages!

So good, even xkcd has picked up on it.

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