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Motivated by a number of reasons, I’ve begun to move everything from my old VPS to what has been my development server until recently. It’s been a complete digital spring-clean of all the old sites I used to maintain and hopefully the result should be an improvement. Here’s a list of the main changes:

Good bye ScholesMAFIA.co.uk

Yep, it was time. Gone (well, archived) are all the old forum posts, votes, and all of that fun stuff.

Pictures migration

Due to privacy concerns the pictures will be migrated to Facebook in due course to allow people to control the visibility of their own photos.

Other media migration

Videos and music will be migrated to Facebook and mirrored on a new media section on this site.

New WordPress site

What you’re looking at; at first I started to move just the blog, but I have now opted to migrate all of my site into a single WordPress instance. It’s actually a multi-site instance available to new and existing StarSquare clients, but I’ll probably post about that in the near future.

If you really miss anything in particular after the move, then you should probably seek professional help.

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