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  • 30 January 2009

    A Message to Tinchy Strider

    It’s misled. I don’t care if you made it up to rhyme with mistreated, or if you use an 8-bit–style riff to appeal to my geekiness — The word is misled. That is all.

  • 17 October 2008

    Yay, xkcd


  • 24 September 2008

    Spotting a Fake Pound Coin

    Supposedly 2% of all pound coins are counterfeit. But how do you know when you have a fake? I heard the news item and had a quick look at the pound coins in my pocket, and couldn’t see anything. I thought that maybe it wasn’t all that easy to spot. But then I saw one my Mum had:

  • 25 August 2008

    Leeds Festival 2008

    I’m still tired even a whole day after getting back, but I though it was worth it to mention how good the festival was, yet again!

  • 24 July 2008

    Radovan Karadžić’s Disguise

    Radovan Karadžić, the recently captured war criminal, was doing a good job disguising himself as Noel Sharkey:

  • 30 May 2008

    Firefox 3 World Record

    The Firefox team are going for a new world record — “Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours.” The (currently beta) version 3 of their popular web browser is due to be launched in late June. Visit the Download Day 2008 page for the official date, and to make your pledge!

  • 22 April 2008

    All Work and No Play Makes Facebook a Dull Network

    The walls have spoken. In the last week or so, Facebook has introduced a new feature called Lexicon (learn more), which allows you to enter a number of search terms and see how popular those terms are on people’s walls. The graph of “party tonight” when compared with “hangover” is quite predictable, especially around Hallowe’en and New Year’s:

  • 7 April 2008

    Dell & Linux

    I was never a big fan of Dell, mainly because it really annoyed me that they only shipped Windows with their machines. Reading The Microsoft File made it clearer, if no more acceptable; Microsoft bullied retailers to shipping tied processor–product bundles, effectively forcing other operating systems out of the market.

  • 31 March 2008

    Leeds Festival Line-Up

    Woo, I got my ticket! Here’s the line-up so far:

  • 4 March 2008

    Delicatessen & Digressions

    It was late on in the morning (ooh, at least 11). The conversation had wandered. It’s taken me a few minutes sitting here to try and piece together the conversation again, but I think we started talking about Dave’s foot noir (his ingenious idea at James’ leaving do) where he kicks a football around a fog-drenched pitch, lamenting James’ absence. We then tried to think of a suitable score for the film, and I came up with Yann Tiersen’s “Comptine d’un autre été: L’après-midi”, an apt lament. I’d only seen it in Aidan Gibbons’ The Piano (YouTube), but apparently it’s from the Amélie soundtrack. So from Amélie, via Jean-Pierre Jeunet, we get to Delicatessen. A vision of dystopian France meant I just had to bring up District 13, then parkour and Casino Royale, but I digress.