• 3 June 2007

    End of Exams

    So much stuff going on!

  • 15 August 2006

    Getting Paid to Blog

    I’m writing this from Hayes labelling machine. I have nothing better to do…

  • 12 August 2006

    Pub Quiz & Biking

    Last night we had a go at the quiz down at the Barleycorn in Scholes. I remember the days when we used to be glad to scrape half the score of the winners — this time a fairly impressive 28 put us considerably closer to the winning 35 (remember this is a pub where our group at least halved the average age). Not long now, soon we’ll be regular winners…

  • 5 August 2006

    New Bike

    Today saw my change from 26″ to 20″ biking — with a purchase of an Onza T-Mag Spec 2 from Aire Valley Cycles. Managed to scuff the frame a little within the first two hours, so maybe an Armourdillo is required. Also bought some nice shin pads, but it was too hot to wear them, so when my foot (inevitably) slipped off the pedal, I got a few more marks on my shin!