UltraViolet Universal is Terrible

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My Oblivion DVD came with a digital download copy from UltraViolet. I headed over to the UltraViolet Web site to download it. My experience went something like this:

  • The site looks like the result of a “my first ASP.NET Web page” tutorial.
  • I entered the code into the site and was redirected to Flixster.
  • One of the account options for Flixster is to “sign in with a Google account.”
  • I’m then prompted to create a password for my new account. (So to what extent did I “sign in” with my Google account?)
  • The Flixster Web site is almost as bad (admittedly, ABP stops half of the site from functioning).
  • Flixster fails to register the import.
  • Typing in the code again gives an error — it’s already been used.
  • Support site says this happens a lot (might want to look in to that) and suggests logging out and back in again.
  • I can’t log in with the new password I just created — the details aren’t recognised.
  • The “forgot password” link yields no e-mail, so now I have to sign in using the Google route.
  • Yep, the film is listed in my collection now.
  • “Please download Flixster Desktop to watch your movie.”

Is it any wonder that people pirate films and TV? Here’s what xkcd have to say on the matter. The whole experience felt like this infographic — and I haven’t even started watching the film yet!

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