Why Nick Grimshaw Is My Latest Excuse for Being Lazy

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m pretty terrible at getting up in the morning. (Actually, it’s probably that I’m terrible at going to bed in the evening, but that’s semantics.)

I knew that I was totally unable to wake up on a morning, so I’d set my radio alarm for an hour before I needed to get up. That way I could hit snooze a couple of times, then slowly wake up with a combination of early-morning radio and more snoozing.

It worked (most of the time). I’d wake up to Radio 1 and the inane babble of Moyles and the team, which was exactly what I wanted at that time in the morning. What’s more, the large amount of chat meant that there was hardly any time to play any of the Radio 1 playlist, so that was a bonus. The show was even big enough to pull rank over some of the worst tracks and refuse to play them.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work any more. Now, The Radio 1 Breakfast Show is presented by Nick Grimshaw. The result of this is that I now hit snooze in my sleep until it’s nearly time to get up, and the only thing that manages to get me out of bed is a snippet of some song so terrible that it jolts me awake and causes me to need to leave the room and stand under a shower.

I realise that I’m no longer the target audience. I realise that complaining about popular music is something that old people do. Maybe I should just set my alarm to be a podcast of Rob DJ’s Monday Night Pub Quiz 🙂

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