Samba and Vista

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Vista’s lock-down strikes again…

In short, we have Samba v2.2.7a running here, and a new machine was just added running Vista, for some reason. It wouldn’t connect to our Samba shares, where my XP box had managed absolutely fine. The culprit? Vista’s security policies. Finally we found the fix (archive):

  1. Open the Run command and type secpol.msc. Finding the Run command in Vista is fun in itself; we just used Win + R.
  2. In the security policies dialogue, navigate to Local Policies/Security Options.
  3. Open the policy “Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level”.
  4. Change the option to “LM and NTLM — use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”. Pre-3.0 Samba doesn’t support NTLMv2, hence the change from the default refusal.

Then, cry because you’ve “updated” to your shiny new operating system and you now have to search Google for “getting X to work in Vista” every time you want to install an application…

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