Faith Restored in WLM

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I have re-installed Windows Live Messenger today, after attempting to get it working before and being a bit miffed. For one thing, the contact list seemed to have lost any control over showing display pictures as per MSN Messenger 7.5, and plugin control for Messenger Plus! Live was handled rather differently.

The second time round went better, but I still had to use A-Patch to remove the adverts and make a few other tweaks. That done, I started messing around with some scripting and discovered I’d lost the knack for anything but PHP…

However, my mood improved greatly when I found the button I had been looking for (it had been there all along, this is what happens when we don’t explore):

Messenger showing 3 people online, with no display pictures.
Before: no Display Pictures. Hey, it’s 3am, there’re usually more than 3 contacts online…
Messenger showing a context menu with Show Details option highlighted.
Look over here! Innocuous button hides useful options!
Messenger showing 3 people online, with display pictures.
After: Woo — thumbnails! Plus it shows the personal message and email address of each user.

Seems I’m not the only one who found this information useful:

OGMOGMOGMOGMGOMGOMGOMG I love you honestly i thought i lost all hope omgomgomgomg


You are the flower of my world the light of my life the… YOU GET IT omg thanks honestly ive been looking all over on how to do this…



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